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About Us

A Texas State Historic Cemetery
Site created and maintained by Gary L. Kruger and Kristie A. Kruger

The purpose of this association is to maintain, regulate, and perpetually preserve for the benefit of its members on a non-profit basis, that certain cemetery known as the DECKER PRAIRIE CEMETERY, which is located on a 2.75 acre tract of land out of the Isaac Decker Survey Abs 166 in Montgomery County, Texas which said property is more particularly described in General Warranty Deed dated June 25, 1969 from, FRANK PFEIFFER, ET US TO ED COE, HOWARD BRUNER, MRS. A. R. COE, SR. AND MRS. C. C. HEUGATTER, as Trustees and Officers of the DECKER PRAIRIE CEMETERY ASSOCIATION of Montgomery County, Texas, which said Deed is recorded in volume 484, Page 605 of the Deed Records of Montgomery County, Texas.

This association was originally organized on September 27, 1959, and its fiscal year shall be from January 1, each year to December 31, the same year. (Amended 6/17/89 and 10/8/2000)

Current Executive Committe members are:

    1. President - Keith Coe

    2. Vice-President - Cary Rasberry

    3. Secretary/Treasurer - Jo Nell Brown

    4. Grave Record Keeper - Gary L. Kruger


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