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A Texas State Historic Cemetery
Site created and maintained by Gary L. Kruger and Kristie A. Kruger

First Burial - Annie Coe died 11/20/1873 at the age of 2. She was the daughter of Montgomery and Victoria Coe.

Second Burial - Isaac Decker died 12/1/1873 at the age of 78.
He was the Founder of the cemetery.

There were 7 burials prior to 1899 and no burials between 1899 and 1907.

The most burials in anyone year occurred in 1973 (10 burials) and 1985 (10 burials).

There are 442 graves documented in the cemetery with room for approximately 1500 more.

The oldest person to date buried in the cemetery is Kate M. Coe, who died 06/25/1995 at the age of 100.

The Decker Prairie Cemetery Association was formed in 1959

The cemetery has existed for 143 years as of 2016.


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